Hello 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s crazy to think we are already in February!

You may have noticed the blog has been quiet in these past months, partly intentional as Jackie and I took some time to reflect on how our first project went, and partly because our lives have been keeping us busy!  Jackie finished her second to last semester of grad school and I got to guide a cast of actors ages 8-18 through the process of bringing a new play to life with the Winnipesaukee Education Department’s world premiere of The Boy Who Drew Cats!

First Coffee and Tea 2017
First coffee and tea of 2017!

Jackie and I met up last week for our first coffee and tea of 2017 at our favorite spot, Café la Reine in Manchester, to chat about everything new play related!   We discussed Working Title’s inaugural project, The Granite State Playwrights Workshop.  In case you missed it, the Workshop brought together actors, directors, playwrights and crew from all over NH and New England to rehearse, workshop, and perform two new plays –Divine Intent by Jackie Marcoux and The Boy in the Box by Boston-based Lesley Moreau- over the course of a single weekend!  We were hosted at the brand-new Hatbox Theatre in Concord, if you have not been to check it out, you should see their innovative use of space.  Also, for more details on the workshop, you can checkout the Hippo Press article here.

In the months following the workshop, we’ve talked with our actors, writers, and crew from this first project, and already have some great ideas about how to make the second project even better.  And yes!  We are excited to announce that we will be organizing a second workshop!  Playwrights -stay tuned for a call for scripts within the next weeks! 

Jackie and I have also been thinking a lot about our community and how we can do more to bring together those who love new work!  We have some ideas in mind, but would love to hear from you!  Outside of rehearsing, performing, and viewing new work, how else would you like to connect with those who have a passion for it?

Speaking of community, let’s get social!  I know it’s winter and we’re all feeling blah, but let’s connect! If you don’t already, consider following our blog -it’s the best way to get all the updates about calls for scripts, auditions, and life musings from two NH theatre makers or like us on Facebook (@workingtitlenh).  And don’t be shy!  We’d love to hear your ideas, reactions, and musings!  Feel free to post in our comments or drop us an email at: workingtitlenh@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!  Stay tuned for a call for scripts in the coming weeks!


Thank you from the first Granite State Playwrights Workshop

The Granite State Playwrights Workshop began rehearsing on Friday September 23rd and the shows closed Sunday night after two performances.  I am so thankful that this event came together, the hard work everyone put into the scripts, characters and stories, and for the amazing performances that came from it.

As one of the playwrights selected I cannot thank my cast enough.  Emily, Pat, Mike, and

A scene from Divine Intent by Jackie Marcoux. From Left: Mike Harrington as Henry, Pat Dunning as Matthew, and Emily Plourde as Gabrielle.

Mandy, thank you so much for bringing these characters to life and for answering my questions about what you understood about them from the dialogue I wrote.  Thank you Tom for providing my play direction and adding more depth to my words.  Thank you Corey for stage managing, and keeping track of my cast, props, and various set changes.

I want to thank Lesley for trusting us with her script and being open to the collaboration we encouraged.  Thank you to Moog for directing Lesley’s piece and providing fresh eyes to the story.  Thank you to Lesley’s cast, Sierra, Spencer, and Amy, who took some unique

The Boy in the Box
A scene from The Boy in the Box by Lesley Anne Moreau.  From Left: Sierra Jones as Kayla, Amy Agostino as Audra, and Spencer Costigan as Cal.

characters and gave them even more than what existed on the pages.  Thank you to Isaac for stage managing this energetic team.

Thanks also needs to be extended to Alex who was an amazing lighting and technical help in making these shows come alive.  And to Andrew and Kevin at the Hatbox Theatre in Concord, NH.  Thank you for taking a chance on us and for giving us the space we needed to bring this event together.  And thank you for providing us some connections to a few of the lovely people listed above who gave their time this past weekend.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and for spending time providing feedback to the playwrights.  Thank you to everyone else who has supported the event by sharing it with others and encouraging those involved.

Finally, a thanks to Amanda for helping put this event together and for being the point person when I couldn’t.  We make a good team and I am so glad I had you by my side for this event.

As I continue to think about everything that happened this weekend and through this event, one thing continues to stay clear and strong.  This is not the last Granite State Playwrights Workshop and I can’t wait to begin putting together the next one.

Jackie Marcoux


Casts and Directors Announced as the Weekend Approaches!

We are so excited to formally announce the directors and casts for the Granite State Playwrights Workshop.  The workshop is this weekend and our casts will be working Friday night through Sunday to put together an amazing performance for our audiences.

Divine Intent by Jackie Marcoux

Directed by Tom Anastasi

Henry:  Michael Harrington

Matthew:  Patrick Dunning

Gabrielle:  Emily Plourde

Caroline:  Mandy Gennaro


The Boy in the Box by Lesley Moreau

Directed by Moog Hescock

Audra:  Amy Agostino

Cal:  Spencer Costigan

Kayla:  Sierra  Jones


Please come to the shows on Sunday September 25th, 2016 at 2pm and 6:30pm to see these awesome plays and the amazing life the directors and casts will breathe into them.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Plays and Playwrights Announced!

Thank you to everyone who submitted!  Our readers were given the top four plays to read without the playwrights identifying information attached and were asked to rank the plays 1 through 4, with one being their top choice and four being their last choice for the reading.  They were asked to consider following when creating their rankings:

1. The strength of the story itself and strength of the characters built.  Does the story make sense?  Are the characters well rounded? etc.
2.  How do you think the story would play out as a reading?  -The play will not be shared in the traditional sense of seeing the play entirely on its feet with sets, costumes, and complete staging.  Would the story still be entertaining without those elements?
3.  Do you believe the playwright would benefit from the workshop experience?  Remember that these plays are still a work in progress and we expect some work to be done as the weekend progresses.  That being said, is there too much work that needs to be done that the playwright cannot expect to have addressed the issues over the course of 24 (working) hours.

From there, we assigned points to each ranking and added the points up.  The two plays with the most points will receive the workshop and performance September 23-25th at the Hatbox Theatre in Concord, NH.

Without further ado, the plays selected are (drum roll…)

Divine Intent by Jackie Marcoux

-A man responds to his father call to find out that he has kidnapped a young woman under the pretense of saving an angel from harm.

The Boy in the Box by Lesley Moreau

-A teenage girl comes forward, claiming the identity of girl kidnapped as a baby.  She returns home to find the family is still dealing with the repercussions of the kidnapping 16 years ago.

We are so excited to be producing these shows!  We also would like to take a moment to identify the two plays that were also in our top four as well as two honorable mentions.

Other Plays in the Top Four:

The Final Reel by Walter Freeman and Bill Ivers

An Unexamined Life by Bill Ivers

Honorable Mentions:

Channeling Gene by Lucy Blood

I Smile, Of Course, And Go On Drinking Tea by Linda Britt

Thank you again to all who submitted plays to us and we can’t wait to put together this workshop weekend!

Amanda and Jackie

Updates and Facebook

Some updates about what we’ve been up to here at Working Title Productions.

Play Submissions Update

Our submission period has closed.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a script.  Amanda and I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s work and we have passed on the top four to our panel of readers.  I know that our submission guidelines stated that we would have a top five but as we reviewed the submissions we found a solid top four and will have two scripts that will receive Honorable Mentions as we liked the plays (and went back and forth about which to put in that fifth spot) but ultimately decided to keep it at a top four as to not surprise our readers with a sixth play they would need to read.  We are on schedule to announce the winning scripts by August 29th, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

Directors and Stage Managers

We are currently looking for Directors and Stage Managers to participate in the Granite State Playwrights Workshop.  If you would like to participate in either of those capacities please check out our post and send us your information.  We’d love to have you on board!



We will be holding auditions for the reading at the Nashua Public Library in Nashua, NH on September 7th from 6pm-9pm in the East Wing.  We ask that you arrive anytime before 8:30pm as the Library closes at 9pm and we want to give everyone time to read.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the scripts.  If time allows and you have a monologue prepared you will be welcome to share it with us.

Call backs are tentatively scheduled for Saturday September 10th from 10am-1pm at the Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH.  We are awaiting confirmation on this so check back soon to find out for sure.


We have a Facebook page!  For more regular updates about what’s going on with us please check out (and like!) our Facebook page.  You can find us by searching Facebook for @workingtitlenh.


That’s all the updates we have for you at the moment.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!  – Jackie

Calling Directors and Stage Managers

Calling directors and stage managers!

Working Title Productions seeks directors and stage managers for their inaugural Granite State Playwrights Workshop, staged readings of two new plays by New Hampshire and New England playwrights, rehearsed and performed over the course of a single weekend.

Commitment Details:

Friday, September 23, evening

Saturday, September 24, all day

Sunday, September 25, all day, with performances of the readings at 2PM and 6:30PM

*Directors will also be asked to attend callback auditions for their play in September if available.  One date of auditions is already scheduled for Wednesday September 7th from 5:30pm-9pm at the Nashua Public Library in Nashua, NH.  A second, call back audition, is tentatively scheduled for Saturday September 10th from 10am-1pm in Concord, NH.

**Everyone involved will be asked to participate in a short strike following the final performance.

Performance and Rehearsal Locations:

Performances will be held at the Hatbox Theatre (270 Loudon Rd/Steeple Gate Mall) in Concord, NH.

Rehearsals will be held at the Hatbox Theatre and in other locations in Concord, NH.

Specific Responsibilities:

Directors will direct a staged reading of their assigned script over the course of the workshop weekend.  If available, directors will also be asked to attend callback auditions for their script in September (preliminary auditions have already taken place).

Stage managers will assist the directors as needed, track blocking and minimal props.  Stage managers may also be asked to read stage directions during rehearsals and performances.



It is the goal of Working Title Productions to provide some monetary compensation to all who participate in the workshop weekend (Directors, Stage Managers, Actors, Playwrights, etc.) even if it is only a small amount.  Amount of compensation will be dependent on house sales for the performances.

To Apply:

Those interested, should send a resume and brief statement of interest to Amanda and Jackie, workingtitleproductionsnh@gmail.com.  Applications invited through September 5, 2016.