Updates and Facebook

Some updates about what we’ve been up to here at Working Title Productions.

Play Submissions Update

Our submission period has closed.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a script.  Amanda and I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s work and we have passed on the top four to our panel of readers.  I know that our submission guidelines stated that we would have a top five but as we reviewed the submissions we found a solid top four and will have two scripts that will receive Honorable Mentions as we liked the plays (and went back and forth about which to put in that fifth spot) but ultimately decided to keep it at a top four as to not surprise our readers with a sixth play they would need to read.  We are on schedule to announce the winning scripts by August 29th, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

Directors and Stage Managers

We are currently looking for Directors and Stage Managers to participate in the Granite State Playwrights Workshop.  If you would like to participate in either of those capacities please check out our post and send us your information.  We’d love to have you on board!



We will be holding auditions for the reading at the Nashua Public Library in Nashua, NH on September 7th from 6pm-9pm in the East Wing.  We ask that you arrive anytime before 8:30pm as the Library closes at 9pm and we want to give everyone time to read.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the scripts.  If time allows and you have a monologue prepared you will be welcome to share it with us.

Call backs are tentatively scheduled for Saturday September 10th from 10am-1pm at the Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH.  We are awaiting confirmation on this so check back soon to find out for sure.


We have a Facebook page!  For more regular updates about what’s going on with us please check out (and like!) our Facebook page.  You can find us by searching Facebook for @workingtitlenh.


That’s all the updates we have for you at the moment.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!  – Jackie

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