Thank you from the first Granite State Playwrights Workshop

The Granite State Playwrights Workshop began rehearsing on Friday September 23rd and the shows closed Sunday night after two performances.  I am so thankful that this event came together, the hard work everyone put into the scripts, characters and stories, and for the amazing performances that came from it.

As one of the playwrights selected I cannot thank my cast enough.  Emily, Pat, Mike, and

A scene from Divine Intent by Jackie Marcoux. From Left: Mike Harrington as Henry, Pat Dunning as Matthew, and Emily Plourde as Gabrielle.

Mandy, thank you so much for bringing these characters to life and for answering my questions about what you understood about them from the dialogue I wrote.  Thank you Tom for providing my play direction and adding more depth to my words.  Thank you Corey for stage managing, and keeping track of my cast, props, and various set changes.

I want to thank Lesley for trusting us with her script and being open to the collaboration we encouraged.  Thank you to Moog for directing Lesley’s piece and providing fresh eyes to the story.  Thank you to Lesley’s cast, Sierra, Spencer, and Amy, who took some unique

The Boy in the Box
A scene from The Boy in the Box by Lesley Anne Moreau.  From Left: Sierra Jones as Kayla, Amy Agostino as Audra, and Spencer Costigan as Cal.

characters and gave them even more than what existed on the pages.  Thank you to Isaac for stage managing this energetic team.

Thanks also needs to be extended to Alex who was an amazing lighting and technical help in making these shows come alive.  And to Andrew and Kevin at the Hatbox Theatre in Concord, NH.  Thank you for taking a chance on us and for giving us the space we needed to bring this event together.  And thank you for providing us some connections to a few of the lovely people listed above who gave their time this past weekend.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and for spending time providing feedback to the playwrights.  Thank you to everyone else who has supported the event by sharing it with others and encouraging those involved.

Finally, a thanks to Amanda for helping put this event together and for being the point person when I couldn’t.  We make a good team and I am so glad I had you by my side for this event.

As I continue to think about everything that happened this weekend and through this event, one thing continues to stay clear and strong.  This is not the last Granite State Playwrights Workshop and I can’t wait to begin putting together the next one.

Jackie Marcoux


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